fic: you got that one thing. shinee. jongtae. m

fandom: shinee
pairing: jonghyun/taemin
rating: m
summary: The first time Kim Jonghyun meets Lee Taemin, it does not go well. It’s not Jonghyun’s first time tending bar, it’s not even his first time tending bar here. He has no explanation for his behavior except, well. Lee Taemin is probably the most beautiful person he’s ever seen and it makes him a little stupid.

It goes like this. (vamp au)
link: ao3 | lj

people who don’t respect their teachers for bullshit reasons are the scum of the earth


141018, Gimpo Airport 
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The Next Avengers.


hello is this necromancy done cheap?? i’d like to lodge a complaint, i ordered the blade of woe and was delivered a blade of whoa. now my ritual sacrifices are smoking all my weed and getting super invested in keanu reeves movies