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With Sunhwa after a long time (@seonhwazzz) keukeu

trans. cr; hyejin @ baptrans ; take out with full credits


we’ll always be together.

3/3 of a b.a.p birthday fanart countdown for marshzelos! 생일축하합니다!!! (here is part 1 and part 2)

so long, lonesome | daejae, one shot

fandom: b.a.p
pairing:  daehyun/youngjae, side mild byg/himchan
rating: heavy teen?? light mature??? no dicks
length: one shot, 4200~
summary“It’s weird?” Youngjae repeats and his face does a complicated thing, a quick flash of hurt that Daehyun wouldn’t have even noticed if he hadn’t been watching it so closely. “Kissing me is weird?”

aka the one where daehyun can’t stop laughing

a/n: i wrote this for the wonderful leader kate marshzelos for her bday and its terrible and im terrible for writing it
read at: ao3 | livejournal

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Because I’ve got 4 Unplugged Albums (and I’ve been planning to do one for awhile), I figure I might as well hold a giveaway for 2 of it!

(This is my first time doing something like this, so pardon me if this seems to be lacking something x.x)

There’ll be 2 winners!

Prizes: 1 Unplugged 2014 Album + 1 Poster (A or B) + 1 Photocard (Yongguk/Himchan)

  • The first winner to reply back will get to choose whichever poster & member’s photocard they want.
  • The second winner will thus take the other poster design and photocard.

Do note that the albums have been opened, but they’ve never been played and are in good condition.

I’ll also be shipping internationally, so it’s okay even if you live at the moon.

This giveaway will end at 4th September 2014 10PM SGT (Singapore Time, which is GMT +8)
(Winner will be picked on 5th Septemeber 2014)

Please read the following rules before participating!
(and do NOT delete the text!)

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