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shit robin fans say [x]

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let me break it down really simple like.

i’m queer. i’m kind of a woman. i use the mass media i consume as an escape from my real life which is often riddled with self-loathing, self-doubt and depression. 

the mass media i consume is largely action/adventure science fiction and fantasy, which is often geared towards cishet men my own age. this means that the majority of the characters in the mass media i consume are cishet white dudes. 

this, on it’s own, is gross and not okay, but there’s nothing really that i, personally, can do about it right now. i could stop consuming the media, but then i would have no escape from my self-loathing and depression. 

still, despite needing this outlet, it’s often difficult for me to connect emotionally with the characters and romantic relationships presented to me because they have nothing to do with me. they’re written for and often by cishet white dudes. i am only one of those things.

in order to connect more deeply with these characters and the media they come from, i invent relationships i would rather see between my favorite characters. these are, 90% of the time, relationships between two of the male characters on the show, because these are the characters that get the most attention and screen time. 

would i totally love to see tons of awesome woc and agender characters kicking ass? hell yeah. would i totally love to see more lesbian relationships and m/m relationships with men of color? dude yes. 

but they aren’t there. using pacific rim as an example; mako is a truly amazing character and i have a HUUUUGE crush on her. but i, personally, get nothing from her having a romantic relationship with raleigh. it doesn’t appeal to me, i can’t connect with it. i love their friendship and their dynamic, but for me it ends there. in order to connect more strongly with mako’s character, i’ve created another female character for her to have a relationship with in my head. this works for me, i have a stronger emotional connection with mako, i get more enjoyment out of the film. 

why is this a bad thing? if you can connect with heterosexual relationships, if you enjoy them, i’m happy for you, because you can more fully enjoy the media as it is presented to you. i can’t, i have to try a little harder to get what i need. it has nothing to do with you. 

stop saying “fuck slash culture” or “i hate slash ships” or demonizing what is probably just a marginalized portion of the population having to create their own representation in order to feel something. 

i’m not saying everyone has the same motivation for “slash shipping” as i do or that everyone is as respectful as they should be, but. don’t. don’t do that. don’t be that guy. saying “slash shipping is disgusting” is the same as telling me “you’re queer and that’s disgusting”. don’t do that.

He’s dead. He’s a dead man.


here lies thane krios: his dick was too bomb

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