wolverine and jubilee 03 is down on the livejournal comicmasterpost, the site says to contact the person who sent them and the post had your url. any way you can re-up it and post the new link? thanks :)
from Anonymous

i cannot bc i dont want to go to jail mediafire took the link down and i cant upload them again

Happy birthday!!! I've been following you for a long time and I've never talked to you but I think you're super rad and you deserve the best day ever!!!
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ANONFACE THIS IS SO SWEET AHH ;A; thank you so much!!!! gives u a big smooch

why are you so certain colton as roy will be a trainwreck?
from Anonymous


  1. arrow is already a trainwreck
  2. colton haynes is a trainwreck 
  3. and a moron
  4. who’s a terrible actor
  5. i read the description of what they’re going to do w/ roy in the show and it is going to be ridiculous
“I love you. You are a wonderful, loved person.” Pass it on to the first ten people on your dash anonymously.
from Anonymous


"pass it on to the first ten people" 

so it was just happenstance that i was one of those people 



idk who is in charge of each character nor do i know their sexuality but elias/loren & kerian/don
from Anonymous

i am in charge of none of those i think elias and loren are both becks? 

and if you mean keiran grayson 

who is not on that list

because she’s super taken w/ carina mercer

you are not disgusting. you're beautiful.
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thank u random stranger who has most likely never seen what i look like

favourite butt of 2012
from Anonymous

/sobbing because taylyn wasn't on that list and otp
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i don’t really think they’ve fooled around in 696 i asked beth but she’s asleep

they cuddle a lot and sometimes they kiss but i’m pretty sure their only sexual encounter, if any, is when they had a threeway with danny 

I am blaming you for me watching this anime yet again just so you are aware.
from Anonymous

is there ever going to be hawkman or hawkgirl added to the nightshot list?
from Anonymous

umm probably not?

i mean they exist but they don’t really

interact with the misfits much and it would just be a waste of faces