With all the Batgirl fanart going around right now, it seems like a very important time to post some art of Oracle.

The state of women’s costumes in comics is terrible, the new Batgirl costume is nice. 

But there was a price, it was incredibly high, and people need to remember that.  DC wants people to forget that they’ve virtually removed people with disabilities from their little world. They want fans to forget that there were readers with disabilities literally begging the company not to take away their representation, and DC ignored them. So it’s up to us to make sure people remember.

This piece was penciled by Jackson Guice and colored by Tom Smith.


I drew a comic for y’all to read just click on through 

DC Meme | [01/10] Characters | Dinah Laurel Lance


Nine pictures of

Dinah Laurel Lance // requested by nynaeves